Transformative Marketing Technologies on the Horizon


A list of the TOP 10 most transformative technologies for marketing in the next 12 months according to 350 industry leaders, influencers, and experts as surveyed by John Koetsier.

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Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, machine learning: 37.4%

The winner by a LANDSLIDE!

The common belief is that AI will put big data to work those surveyed highlighted possible shifts in targeting, in understanding the customer journey, and in driving optimal ad-spend decisions.

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Big Data and Personalization: 16.8%

Marketers have a deep and earnest longing to communicate intimately with their customers like best friends, a million or two at a time. Using big data to — among other things — personalize communications — is high on the list. A few are making it happen.


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality: 12.2%

AR, VR, and XR or mixed reality are super-exciting to marketers who want to hit the next big thing. Think websites in the 1990s. Nothing says cutting edge like funky goggle helmets and real-time insertion of virtual objects into actual scenes.


Bots, chatbots, messaging: 10.1%

Communicating with millions individually while taking a coffee break? It’s easy to see why chatbots on messaging platforms are popular. It’s also easy to see some limited success in early adoptions of the technology.


Mobile, with a focus on geolocation: 10.1%

Mobile was the most interesting thing about just a few years ago. Now, it’s even more important, but much less visible. Why? It’s the setting where all the other interesting things happen.


Rest of the TOP 10

  • Voice: search, assistants, commerce, user interfaces: 9%

    Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies: 8.4%

    How we might transact all business in the future.
  • Messaging and brand: 8.4%

    Not all top technologies are technologies.
  • Performance marketing: 8.4%

    ROI, A/B Testing, and Conversion; Data enabled creative decisions.
  • Customer databases and Data Lakes: 6.1%

    Data management platforms for all prospect and customer interaction. Marketing has never had a single system of record but that’s about to change.

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Clearly, A.I. is the big winner.

Because even if executives didn’t pick Artifical Intelligence as the most transformative marketing technology of 2018, they picked a technology that requires artificial intelligence, or benefits greatly from its application.

A.I. + Data = 2018 and beyond marketing success



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