By now we have all heard the news of Sean Diddy Combs (at the time of this release he goes by the moniker Brother Love or Love) who revealed that he and fellow music mogul JAY-Z are working together on a technological project and have a major app in development. The “Black Excellence” app which has yet to even be given its official name will be a mobile app designed to help consumers locate “black-owned and black-friendly business” across the nation. A 2018 take on collective economics, the ingenuitive idea is birthed from a longstanding thought that people of color can empower themselves and their communities by building their collective wealth. “This is not about taking away from any other community” the entrepreneur said “But the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It’s about blacks gaining economic power.” There are currently upwards of 45 apps and websites which focus on aggregating black-owned businesses; seven different “Black Wall Street’s” alone, so this is not a new idea but rather an attempt at “Excellence”. The existing platforms all have their shortcomings and pitfalls in terms of services ranging from rough UX to corrupted code, limited updates to poor location services and more.

How Will Black Excellence Be Defined in the Digital Space?

“Black Excellence” will strive to eliminate all of these shortcomings. Brands already promote themselves on different social mediums so for many it is safe to assume this app will be an extension of that. The new app will birth a connected community of businesses and consumers all with an experience unique to them. The trend for existing platforms is already moving towards tailored experiences directed at appeasing both your brand and customer. An app which is community tailored sounds like the perfect idea. This will mean one on one marketing opportunities where the look and messaging of your brand will be all that matters, not how much money spent or how many ads have been purchased. The question a very large number of small and minority-owned businesses will need to ask themselves is simple: Are you producing high-quality branding materials backed with a solid strategy or are you planning on using the same old ‘Party Flyer’ to promote your valued product or service? How will Black Excellence be defined in the digital space?

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