A list of the TOP 10 most transformative technologies for marketing in the next 12 months according to 350 industry leaders, influencers, and experts as surveyed by John Koetsier.

Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, machine learning: 37.4%

The winner by a LANDSLIDE!

The common belief is that AI will put big data to work those surveyed highlighted possible shifts in targeting, in understanding the customer journey, and in driving optimal ad-spend decisions.

Big Data and Personalization: 16.8%

Marketers have a deep and earnest longing to communicate intimately with their customers like best friends, a million or two at a time. Using big data to — among other things — personalize communications — is high on the list. A few are making it happen.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality: 12.2%

AR, VR, and XR or mixed reality are super-exciting to marketers who want to hit the next big thing. Think websites in the 1990s. Nothing says cutting edge like funky goggle helmets and real-time insertion of virtual objects into actual scenes.

Bots, chatbots, messaging: 10.1%

Communicating with millions individually while taking a coffee break? It’s easy to see why chatbots on messaging platforms are popular. It’s also easy to see some limited success in early adoptions of the technology.

Mobile, with a focus on geolocation: 10.1%

Mobile was the most interesting thing about just a few years ago. Now, it’s even more important, but much less visible. Why? It’s the setting where all the other interesting things happen.

Rest of the TOP 10

  • Voice: search, assistants, commerce, user interfaces: 9%

    Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies: 8.4%

    How we might transact all business in the future.
  • Messaging and brand: 8.4%

    Not all top technologies are technologies.
  • Performance marketing: 8.4%

    ROI, A/B Testing, and Conversion; Data enabled creative decisions.
  • Customer databases and Data Lakes: 6.1%

    Data management platforms for all prospect and customer interaction. Marketing has never had a single system of record but that’s about to change.

Clearly, A.I. is the big winner.

Because even if executives didn’t pick Artifical Intelligence as the most transformative marketing technology of 2018, they picked a technology that requires artificial intelligence, or benefits greatly from its application.

A.I. + Data = 2018 and beyond marketing success

Credit: Tune.com