Fútbol teams from all over the world have battled for the chance to go head to head and be forever known as national treasures. While all this has been going on though, some of the biggest brands across the globe have been battling all summer for your attention. View our top Brand Campaigns of the 2018 World Cup video or skip it for the full list below.

“The Collaboration Hub For Work”
Source: Slack

The Premise is pretty simple; slack implies that the entire World Cup was organized on their platform. Now if an event as complex as the World Cup uses Slack to stay organized then you should too, right? Well, that was the company’s premise during this 2018 World Cup. Slack touts more than 8 million daily active users. There are more than 3 million paid users, and its 70,000 paid teams include 65 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Now, Slack is focused on attracting more enterprise customers amid competition from Facebook’s Workplace and older workplace communication software options.

“Create The Answer”
Source: Adidas

Adidas is already the sponsors of Match Balls, team cleats and kits all of which change on the Adidas website homepage as games are played. Adidas has recruited their star-studded cast of sporting figures and musicians to speak directly to the futbol community; while online asking people to post their own content using and engaging with the hashtag #HereToCreate. The entire brand is tied into the world cup as a lifestyle event. There’s also a clever personalization element to the campaign: in addition to the main promotion viewers in six different prime Adidas cities (New York, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles) will consume custom content tailored to their regions. Each different version will feature “creators” that are shaping sport culture in their city.

“We’re With You”
Source: McDonald’s

Best campaign and longest head start on others. The United States Commercials are based around ‘the everyman’ who is at Mcdonalds learning about and enjoying the FIFA World Cup games. Online reach was simple through their already existent partnership with Coke; the two formulated a #ShoutShare social share campaign. McDonald’s has served as an Official Restaurant of the FIFA World Cup since 1994. By the companies own words “As a Sponsor, we bring the world’s passion for football (soccer) to life for millions of fans” McDonald has it all for this world cup including special creative promotions, contests and in-store activations in more than 100 countries around the world. The centerpiece of their FIFA World Cup sponsorship is the McDonald’s Player Escort Program. Through this initiative, more than 1,400 children ages 10 and under have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live their dreams of walking onto the field hand-in-hand with their football heroes at the start of each World Cup match.

“Jump on The Wagen”
Source: Volkswagen

The ads are well timed and they play perfectly without the US team being in the World cup. The premise, which evokes feelings of being a “citizen of the world”, ask Americans who are you pulling for because it’s time to jump on the Wagen. The multi-media campaign done in collaboration with creative agency Deutsch, features fans from different teams making the pitch to Americans to root for their teams during the tournament. Additionally, Volkswagen worked to release a Spanish language campaign “Súbete a la Pasion” on Telemundo featuring fans from several Hispanic nationalities inviting others to celebrate their shared passion for fútbol.

“That’s Some Kind of Power”
Source: Powerade

Great job of connecting and transitioning their current campaign directly into the World Cup. Powerade is in a wonderful space overall they already benefit from McDonald’s sponsorship as well as from parent company Coke’s partnership with FIFA. Powerade was able to resonate with the casual futbol fan by simply adding a World Cup element to their already existent marketing spots.

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