The concept was started as a marketing campaign by American Express in 2010. There are over 23 million small businesses in the United States, which is a 49 % increase from 1982. Small businesses have created 8 million jobs since 1990, and 54% of U.S. sales happen at small businesses. Small businesses’ employ roughly 8 million people. Making them responsible for 40 percent of all American retail jobs. According to an SBA civic economics study, small businesses donate 250% more than large corporations to nonprofits and local community causes.

In 2012 NFIB and Amex estimated that Small Business Saturday shoppers spent an estimated $5.5 billion at smaller retailers. In 2015 nearly 95 million people went out to shop small. Spending reached $16.2 billion, which was a 14 percent increase from 2014. A National Retail Federation survey said, “More than 164 million consumers plan to shop over five-day Thanksgiving weekend in 2018. Forty-one percent (67 million) are expected to shop on Small Business Saturday, and 78 percent of those say they will do so specifically to support small businesses.”

Survey data shows that 70 percent of U.S. consumers are aware of Small Business Saturday

There’s data that suggest upwards of 70 percent of U.S. consumers are aware of Small Business Saturday, the same report from a Consumer Insights Survey found, that four in ten, or 43 percent of American adults either shopped or dined small. 58 percent say they shopped or dined at more than one independently owned business. What’s more, support for small businesses went beyond brick-and-mortar with 35 percent saying they shopped online. Small Business Saturday saw 108 million shoppers spend $12.9 billion last year at independently owned businesses. That is a slight downturn from the 112 million shoppers spending more than $15 billion in 2016.

Despite that downswing national here in our backyard small businesses are thriving and gearing up for yet another great holiday season. Collaboration is Key, and the goal is always to work together to make use Main Street is successful. This will be our 3rd year as a Shop Small Neighborhood Champion here in Central Florida and we are ready for the action. Here is what some local organization from years past are saying about being a small business in the ecosystem.

Local Small Business Ecosystem

For every $100 spent at a local small business, roughly $68 stays in the local economy. Comparatively, only about $43 out of $100 spent at a larger business will stay.

There were also more than 7,200 “neighborhood champions,” across the country, including associations, chambers of commerce and community organizers like us here at Timbr Technologies. Together we are engaging millions of small businesses and customers everyday on Main Street.

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