Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the Top Three social media networks in the nonprofit community. Instagram continues its steady rise in importance to nonprofits and will be in the top 3 very soon according to a survey by Kivi Leroux Miller and her team at the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

  • Facebook maintains its complete dominance in the nonprofit sector as the top social media site, and it is not even close. Only about 1% of nonprofits surveyed said they would not use Facebook at all. Nearly 60% of nonprofits will even pay for Facebook advertising.
  • 21% of surveyed nonprofits post to Facebook multiple times a day; 31% will post once a day, and 36% will post a few times a week.
  • Twitter maintains a firm hold on second place for the favorite nonprofit social media channel, with one interesting twist: Non-profit communications directors have a much stronger preference for Twitter over their executive and development director counterparts.
  • Over 80% of communications directors put Twitter in their top 3 while only 73% of development directors and 63% of executive directors rated it that highly.
  • Twitter beats Facebook across the board for multiple postings per day. 29% of nonprofits say they will post to Twitter that often, compared to 21% for Facebook.
  • Fundraising videos have to live somewhere. Development directors have the strongest preference for YouTube, with 49% placing it in their top 3 social channels. 42% of executive directors and 39% of communications directors put YouTube in their top 3.
  • Instagram continues its rapid ascent as a favorite social media channel among nonprofits, growing faster as a favorite than any other channel. 30% of communications directors and 29% of executive directors placed Instagram in their Top 3 social channels, followed by 24% of development directors.

How is your non-profit stacking up?

Survey Source: https://www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com/resources/