Facebook Took the Chance to Explore

Facebook shows us no one is to big to try and fail. If there is an idea that your company or team believes will make an impact you owe it to the company to try. Facebook has shown us just that over the last six months with the swing and miss that was the “Explore Feed”.

“The idea was to create a version of Facebook with two different News Feeds: one as a dedicated place with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated place for posts from Pages. To understand if people might like two separate feeds, we started a test in October 2017 in six countries. You gave us our answer: People don’t want two separate feeds. In surveys, people told us they were less satisfied with the posts they were seeing, and having two separate feeds didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family. … We concluded that Explore isn’t an effective way for people to discover new content on Facebook.” – Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed, Facebook.

The social media platform attempt to reconstruct the way in which users digest their Facebook news; as the goal was set to create a Facebook with two different feed options. Only problem was it didn’t resonate with users; the user experience or UX was not the same and people surveyed just wanted that old thing back. Facebook knows this now because they took the chance to find out. The company was not afraid to implement a completely new engagement strategy in and attempt to continue ideation and experimentation on what they have already built. Is your company or brand prepare to take this same type of leap?

Read the full Facebook statement here.

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